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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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6-Sep-2021, 10:07 AM

TestingOutTheTest said:

Head mod unbanned me with another chance. I spent a lot of time on /r/saltierthancrait (former hater here!) and /r/saltierthankrayt.

Just to quickly address this. I’m not a head mod - or anything like.

Though you were indeed given yet another chance - which you blew right through and continued on as before your temp-ban. As you know, the temp-ban was to give you some time away to re-think your posting style and attitude to fan editors / creators on here. It is a shame you chose to ignore the advice and efforts of members on here who went out of their way to help you and carried on regardless upon your return. Not to mention lying to the site staff.

My apologies to Hal for going off-topic.

Let’s get back to the subject of this sweet TROS Edit. 👍