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What do you think of the Sequel Trilogy? a general discussion thread
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5-Sep-2021, 9:28 PM
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RogueLeader, he didn’t have to but I respect his choice as ultimately he wanted to raise his daughter. I also really admire him donating the profits he made from the sell to philanthropy. I ultimately wish Disney had handled things differently. If they had just come right out and said they had chosen to go down a different path than what George intended as they wanted to make something they felt fans would enjoy more it may have gone down slightly better. Instead we were lead to believe his stories were still being used with only a few departures. It may have hurt as a devoted fan of George’s Star Wars but I think it would’ve created a lot less animosity between the fans and creators as they’d go in expecting something different than George’s style. I could be wrong on that but that’s at least how I feel to an extent.

I hope one day they release George’s complete Sequel Trilogy treatment.

BedeHistory731, definitely. It would’ve been great to see a natural progression that still very much feels like Star Wars.

I can respect that. The way you also talk about Avatar definitely makes me want to give it a chance as I’ve only seen maybe one or two episodes.

There’s definitely some formality to it. I think it’s just learning about George’s Sequel plans that kind of disrupted that for me. I definitely am finding that satisfying conclusion feeling to the first six films if I just forget everything that comes afterwards as I’m back to being a kid creating my own stories of what happens next.

That’s interesting. I was just reading too that he was getting increasingly ill and that’s why he brought others on board. I do wonder if his deteriorating health played any part in these things. We’ll probably never know for sure.

Thank you. I wish you could too. Haha. However that’s okay as at the end of the day we’re both Star Wars fans. We just have different views on the franchise. I’m sure we’d find more common ground than differences if we were to discuss the Originals. Hopefully in time I’ll be able to enjoy the Sequels more. I’m definitely excited to play the Crait and Takodana levels in the Lego game. So here’s hoping!

Same here. This forum is great for respectful debate that rarely I find turns completely sour. We may not always agree but I appreciate and enjoy reading your point of view. Afterall many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on it. Haha