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Opinion: Star Wars is entering a new golden age, but not in onscreen media
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5-Sep-2021, 7:55 AM

JadedSkywalker said:

How many High Republic comics are there. I think i’d enjoy a comic more than a novel because Star Wars is so visual.

There are two series - the main ‘High Republic’ comics by Cavan Scott and the ‘High Republic Adventures’ comics by Daniel Jose Older. I do think that the HR project has done best in novels, but the comic runs are good as well. The main comic follow a master and padawan - Sskeer, a Trandoshan Jedi veering dangerously close to the dark side in grief, and Keeve, his devoted but self-doubtful apprentice - taking part in a joint Jedi and Hutt effort to combat the Drengir, plant-like monsters threatening worlds in the Galactic Frontier. The High Republic Adventures comics are about a force-sensitive girl from a Jedi-hating homeworld who joins a group of Jedi padawans under the mentorship of Yoda, while her best friend sides with the Nihil, the main antagonists of the era.

Although the HRA comics are perhaps targeted at a slightly younger age group, I think they’re my personal favourite of the two. But the main comic series ties in with the main novels more.

Is there anything you recommend i’m a big original Marvel Star Wars and Dark Horse comics legends person. I’ve read the Darth Vader book and original aphra run. I’ve read all the main star wars books up to the pre empire strikes back. But only 1 of the post empire books.

I was going to recommend Skywalker Strikes but it sounds like you’ve already read that! For all I ramble on about comics I haven’t actually read that many - I’ve read Skywalker Strikes and the first two volumes from the Vader series in 2015, as well as some Aphra comics, plus bits and pieces from other comic series. I can recommend what I know is popular - ‘Kanan: The Last Padawan’ and ‘Son of Dathomir’ tie in with Rebels and Clone Wars respectively and they’re meant to be very good. All three main Vader comic series are acclaimed - it sounds like you’ve read one, maybe the Kieron Gillen 2015 one (which is what I’ve read as well) but there’s also Charles Soule’s Vader series from 2017, which takes place after Revenge of the Sith and the current Greg Pak series which is post Empire.

Haven’t read the new boba fett stuff i’m kind of afraid to i loved the old stuff.

If you’re interested in more comics featuring the OT protagonists I think I would recommend War of the Bounty Hunters. I was expecting it to be a Shadows of the Empire reboot in some way but it does feel very different. That’s a whole other matter to get your head around though because it’s a crossover event with different comic series, but if you just wanted to get the one-shot comic (War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha #1) and the five issues of the miniseries which are still being released, I think you’d get away with knowing the essentials of the story.

Sorry for such a massive post! But I hope it helps.