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Opinion: Star Wars is entering a new golden age, but not in onscreen media
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4-Sep-2021, 10:22 PM

How many High Republic comics are there. I think i’d enjoy a comic more than a novel because Star Wars is so visual.

I’m also looking forward to purchasing the collected editions of some of the newer Post Rise of Skywalker published comics. Sometimes i enjoy the serialized nature of Star Wars comics and sometimes i just buy the trade and read an entire book.

Is there anything you recommend i’m a big original Marvel Star Wars and Dark Horse comics legends person. I’ve read the Darth Vader book and original aphra run. I’ve read all the main star wars books up to the pre empire strikes back. But only 1 of the post empire books.

I was going to read the Han Solo comics but i wasn’t sure if i’d like them. I liked Shattered Empire. Haven’t read the new boba fett stuff i’m kind of afraid to i loved the old stuff.