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What do you think of the Sequel Trilogy? a general discussion thread
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3-Sep-2021, 4:00 PM
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jedi_bendu said:

I actually disagree with this. The original trilogy had different directors and writers too - Lucas, then Kershner then Marquand for directing, and while Lucas wrote Star Wars alone, TESB was the work of Kasdan and Leigh Brackett then it was back to George again. What the OT lacked which the sequels had was an overarching vision, in this case the vision of George Lucas.

Actually George had most of Empire written when Lawrence Kasdan got involved. He mostly just polished it. So most of what was written came directly from the maker himself. It’s out of respect for Leigh Brackett that he isn’t recognised for just how much he was directly involved.

However I do agree. I think having different writers isn’t a bad thing as the transition between writers in the fifth and six Harry Potter movies isn’t felt per say as the source material stays consistent as it came from one vision. They needed to sit down and plan where they were going to figure out the story they wanted to tell. Instead it was a baton race that created unnecessary plot holes and lack of cohesiveness as the story progressed.

The sad thing is they had a story ready to be made but they threw it out because they thought they could do better.

I honestly think the perfect world scenario would’ve been completing George’s nine part saga and branching out with the spinoffs. They could have enjoyed and ate their cake selling the return of nostalgic familiarity of X-Wings and TIE Fighters with Rogue One, and at the same time continuing and finishing the Skywalker saga as intended.

It would’ve been a true win/win for everyone. Fans who love George’s story get closure, fans who love the Original Trilogy get a film or two (Solo) that have lots of roots in the original films, and etc…

Afterwards it’s onward with seeing where it’s best to take Star Wars next.

As it stands I feel lots of apathy because the story I grew attached to feels incomplete and like it’s missing important pieces to the puzzle. I’m sad to say but I don’t know if I’ll ever fully be able to get into Disney Star Wars. I can’t even get into Mandalorian. I tried watching the first few minutes of the first episode but I just felt emotionally detached like I was mourning the lost of a family member. I want to get into it and enjoy it for what it is but everything feels so corporate now. It feels like everything within the series now relies on nostalgia and nothing more.