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The Hobbit (M4 Book Edit) (Released)
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31-Aug-2021, 9:04 PM

Thanks for the reply! Despite being an amateur editor, I really hope to make my edit as complete as possible, and the technical prowess on display in your and other Hobbit edits has been a great inspiration. If you don’t mind further questions, I’ve a couple more things to add (if this is getting too off-topic for this thread feel free to redirect me):

I edit with DaVinci Resolve, and only the free version (my budget is limited), and I’m still relatively inexperienced with it; I can comfortably use the Cut and Edit pages and I’m now teaching myself how to colour grade, though I’ve never touched its Fairlight and Fusion sections (sound design and VFX). Never used Photoshop, Premiere or After Effects; this edit is the first and only video editing project I’ve ever made (jumping in the deep end, I know, but up till now I’ve been able to do everything I’ve needed to; just this more technically complex stuff that’s beyond me).

Regarding your advice for making the credits, I can understand it all until the last part, as I’m not familiar with using key frames. Though I’ve so far got by fine by just fiddling around and teaching myself Resolve’s functions, I’ll look up some tutorials for these more specialised functions. Also, while that covers the scrolling cast section, what should I do for the rest of the crew credits? Since it seems a hell of a task to go through and write out every individual crew member, is the rest just nabbed from one of the films?

I have zero VFX experience, and Adobe software has a pretty steep price tag; I could try to do what I need to do within their one-week free trial, unless you can recommend any free alternatives?

Thanks for clarifying about the VFX permissions; I’ll have a look at those links, and if I ever take this edit more public, I’ll be sure to give eric1894 credit.

Thanks so much for your help so far! Again, if these technical questions are too off-topic for this edit’s thread, I’ll stop.