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I Spent 10 Years Rewriting the Prequels to Match the OT | "Prequels SE"
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26-Aug-2021, 9:32 PM

Taking ten years to work on something does show dedication. Heck, I took years of revisions, redrafting, re-conceptualizing, etc. just to get the version of the prequels and sequels I wanted. And I admit I was a bit intrigued after reading through your intro for your trilogy.

That being said (and I’m sorry if I sound harsh in what I’m about to say), what I’ve seen is kinda a mixed bag for me. Part of that is because of tastes, as I wish to spice things up a bit after seeing dozens upon dozens of PT rewrites that keep a lot of the same things from Lucas’ PT (which may be alright to some, but doesn’t work for me). Another part of me says this rewrites SHOULD NOT borrow at least a few of those things (at least, not in the same way as Lucas showed them in his films), as I feel they miss some nice opportunities.

For instance, the overall structure does feel similar to Lucas’ PT. While not bad in of itself, it felt a bit hampered in some cases. Episode 1 did build up the world and whatnot, but I felt it missed the chance to actually start off the Clone Wars right then and there, as well having Anakin activate the Skywalker saber (at least make it flicker for a time) and building up his romance with Aeris. When I got to Episode 2, I was wondering why these important moments weren’t in Episode 1 and why Episode 2 didn’t go straight into the Clone Wars to begin with. Not to mention, Episode 2 was more build up (which Episode 1 should have fit the role) to the actual conflict, pushing it closer to the end like Lucas’ AotC, and while it wasn’t as bad as in Lucas’ PT, I felt Maul was killed off a bit too soon since the lack of an overall villain was felt in Episode 3. Speaking of which, it feels kinda close to Lucas’ RotS (which I guess was the point), and it does make sense for there to be tension between Anakin and Obi-Wan, but I wish it had more to do with how to handle the war effort a little more.

I think I outlined my problems in the last paragraph, so I think I’ll stop there. Again, it is a mixed bag for me. I do think there are wonderful moments like Anakin able to activate the saber in episode 2 (but again, I thought he should have done that in episode 1 and then use it in episode 2), as well as having to kill Maul to save Aeris (though I wish Maul had survived to be the “final boss” of the trilogy and for us to have seen Anakin and Aeris build up their relationship in episode 1 first).

Now, these are just drafts and only just synopses so there are plenty of room to improve. Plus, I mentioned my criticisms were influenced by my tastes (and by the fact, I had been really close to the idea of ending my PT rewrite with Anakin handing his saber to Obi-Wan and flying off just after accepting the Dark Side, abandoning his friends and loved ones to take his dark path). Again, sorry if I was a bit harsh. Thanks.