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Star Wars: The Bad Batch (animated series) - a general discussion thread - * SPOILERS *
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18-Aug-2021, 2:59 AM

Overall, I really enjoyed it. It’s been a nice change of pace to meet some new characters. I was talking with a friend of mine in our weekly nerd discussion about how the stories have been easy to watch because they have, for the most part, been free of world ending weight.

That’s not a criticism. I don’t always need everything to be so heavy. That said, they really upped the weight the last few episodes and I thought it worked really well. The last two in particular brought the story into a more complex place. I thought it was very interesting that they left it there. No resolution, just a lot more on the line as our heroes get deeper into their journey.

I went into this series thinking it would be a nice decompression show every week. Nothing to get to deep into. Just some one-of adventures, interesting animation, etc. It had that for sure, but it also had some very interesting character development. Turns out I’ve enjoyed it much more than I thought I would when it was announced. The animation was fantastic and the score is fantastic… I listen to it regularly while I work and commute.

The acoustic guitar work in Onderon is some of the best music to ever come out of the franchise. Caleb At The Cliff is very much an homage to Bernard Herrmann. Those two are my favorites.