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The Clone Wars: Refocused [SEVEN episodes upgraded to v2.0 (s01e06)]
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3-Aug-2021, 11:41 PM

EddieDean said:

Amazing, thanks! I really appreciate it. Here’s a quick screen test. What do you guys think?

A couple of thoughts, if nitpicking is OK Paja:

  • I wonder if we should keep the ‘THE’? Not sure on this one. Technically this whole show will still be ‘The Clone Wars’ (and the ‘Refocused’ of my edit won’t appear in the opening title).
  • The ‘E’ slightly overlaps the rightmost edge of the imaginary box described by the horizontal bars - could the ‘CLONE WARS’ be slightly reduced/shifted so that it fills that box?
  • Perhaps a little more spacing between ‘WARS’ and the lower horizontal bar? The same as the distance between the top horizontal bar and the ‘C’ in ‘CLONE’ feels about right? Or maybe all three gaps (the one above CLONE, the one between CLONE and WARS, and the one below WARS) should be the same as the one between CLONE and WARS?
  • Not sure if this is possible, since I’d guess the way this was done was by tracing over the lettering, but can ‘CLONE WARS’ be sharpened at all? It looks a little blurry to my eyes, though I don’t think that’s a major issue.

Thank you for the feedback Eddie! I’ve came back to the drawing board using higher quality materials and a custom font for the ‘CW’ logo.