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Chronologically Lost HD (Remaster of Mike Maloney's edit) (Released) SEND PM FOR LINKS, DON'T REPLY ON THREAD
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30-Jul-2021, 12:10 AM

SpacemanDoug said:

Hey if there’s an updated version able to be made, I acquired 1080p rips of the original movie episodes for the seasons 4-5 finales and season 6 premiere, they all had their scenes re-arranged along with some minor cuts (plus I have the reconstructions of the movie edits for the seasons 1-3 finales in 1080p)

If you’re interested in getting them let me know

I’m not quite sure what you mean from your description. Who rearranged the scenes in those episodes you have?

I would be interested in seeing what you have got, if you can give me a link to download. After watching this Chronologically Lost HD series, I am still thinking of doing an edit of the whole show myself where the scenes are arranged in “causalogical” order. People earlier in this thread were talking about this being done in a project called Lost Chrono, but it seems to have been lost (no pun intended).

On a related note, if anybody who has done video editing could give me any tips on preserving audio/video quality and file sizes, please let me know. I would be considering buying a subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro (which I’ve never used before) and following suggestions from online (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvNf6La5d1c) to do so.