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The Clone Wars: Refocused [THREE episodes upgraded to v2.0, 3/5 seasons released to v1.0]
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29-Jul-2021, 5:44 PM
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29-Jul-2021, 5:46 PM
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I know this isn’t particularly interesting but I’ve just refined and finalised the community credits, trying to edge them that much closer to the style used for the majority of TCW, and I’ve gone through all of the pages of this thread to date to try to make sure that all of my major contributors (that’s you guys! ❤️) here have been named.

Just the credits and wipes to rethink now, before I can return to true editing, or at least the polish of real content.

I know this is all quite a slow pace now, following from a break too, but to my mind this is a really useful period of reflection and rethinking. It’s the deep breath before the crescendo of momentum that’ll polish the first three seasons and carry us into the final two.

I was thinking I might rethink my Christophsis from scratch, just in case. At the very least, I think there’s something I can do with reordering to have the Republic talk about how they’ve lost contact and to send down Ahsoka, only THEN cutting to Anakin and Obi-Wan on bikes heading to Ventress, to heighten the tension. This would also have the advantage of beginning the Ahsoka introduction episode on her actual introduction. I might trim some of the earlier battle prep too (my fancy scene where I used Bail audio) to both entirely cut Bail, and to get us into the meat a lot quicker. This episode might end up very short, but that’s totally OK, and I think the more coherent and inoffensive it can be, the better.