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The Clone Wars: Refocused [THREE episodes upgraded to v2.0, 3/5 seasons released to v1.0]
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23-Jul-2021, 6:38 AM

And I dunno, just for the sake of sharing it (in case it generates any ideas), here are my current list of jobs before I kick off polishing each episode:

  • Update community credits list and style (or at least size on the page)
  • Create new franchise title combining Mandalorian and Bad Batch
  • Experiment with different credits timing - maybe just so the second image hits the main beat of DRAMA in the music
  • Work out exact credits timing - I was doing this backwards from the ending for each episode rather than consistently for all of them, which never quite satisfied, though it is very minor
  • Work out exact wipe timing - my wipes are based on a very early TCW wipe, and they changed the standard a little later. I’m going to have mine match the modern (and even Bad Batch) timing perfectly instead
  • Rethink season one ordering - pretty much done
  • Rethink remaining ordering - unlikely to change but I’ll give it a review just in case
  • Rethink episode titles
  • Rethink the seasonal ‘first line’ in my opening texts, to better highlight the themes
  • Re-rethink including good cut content (like putting those Ahsoka schooling scenes into the first Mandalore episode)

Then for absolutely every episode, on top of the specific fixes I’ve listed from all of your unactioned feedback to date, I’ve got to:

  • Replace the franchise title with my new one
  • Review the intro text, accounting for the new ordering
  • Rethink the episode title
  • Replace the end credits timing with whatever I come up with
  • Replace my own credit as EDDIE DEAN (I’m better known in fanediting by this name)
  • Replace the community credit with the new slide
  • Review and update all wipe transitions
  • Review all music transitions via outputting the sound on my TV, to better test it all

So this phase of the project will probably take a while, but (1) seasons four and five will be far more light touch, and (2) it should result in final-final versions of those episodes.