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The Last Jedi: Stoic Edition (WIP)
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19-Jul-2021, 6:54 PM
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Cadavra said:

It’s been a while since I last watched TLJ, so I don’t remember the exact scene well enough to know how well this would work, but just to spitball…would it be possible to cut out Maz’s hologram and show just enough of Finn, Rose, & Poe discussing the plan without her to convey the basics, then play Maz telling them how to identify the codebreaker as comm audio while their shuttle to Canto Bight is in hyperspace? Again, just a very rough idea, but might be worth experimenting with.

There wouldn’t be enough coverage in the scene to do that - plus there are other things that happen before the shuttle leaves that would have to be cut as a result. Ultimately I’m not too worried about it; it’s annoying that it’s basically a Battlefront cutscene, but it’s a pretty minor thing.