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Dune - Denis Villeneuve
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19-Jul-2021, 6:06 PM

Stardust1138 said:

fmalover said:

Honestly I don’t like the drab muted colour palette Villeneuve is going for.

I also don’t like the look of Baron Harkonnen as some sort of cyberpunk villain. I the book the Baron Harkonnen is described as having red hair and dressing in flamboyant, brightly coloured robes.

I’ve not read the books. I’m thinking about waiting until after I see the film as it will help prevent further expectations. That’s interesting though.

I read the book last year, and I’m currently halfway through Children of Dune.

Reading the book has killed any anticipation I might have had for the movie, because the books evoke vivid imagery in my mind that is far removed from Villeneuve’s vision. The movie looks like some sterile perfume commercial with minimalistic aesthetics and there’s a lifelessness to the way the movie looks. I think that’s one of the few things the 1984 film adaptation got right, with the elaborate costumes and baroque set design. I don’t know why so many book fans are so hyped for this movie.

I feel like other directors that would have been better suited from a visual standpoint are Tarsem Singh, Darren Aronofsky or Luc Besson.