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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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17-Jul-2021, 10:09 AM

Knight of Kalee said:

CamSMurph said:

omnimuffin said:

CamSMurph said:

Hey HAL, I was just wondering — why did you change Ben’s mode of transport in the climax? 🤔

Oh, I can answer that! Previous stuff has established that standard TIE fighters don’t have hyperdrives.

The supplimental stuff retcons that this specific TIE is an experimental TIE scout with a hyperdrive, but that’s clearly a post-facto rationalization.

Hence, swapping it for something that DOES have a hyperdrive.

I see. But I don’t think the original film explains how he got off the Death Star ruins. 🤨

Nope it doesn’t. So Vader’s TIE / the Lambda shuttle are good balance points between plausible (both with hyperdrive and could be found among the wreckage) and recognizable (for the shot to retain its symbolism).

Right. Let’s leave it at that, then.