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Mysteries of hyperspace?
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16-Jul-2021, 9:37 PM

Star Wars shouldn’t really have modernity in it, IMO. Modernity in the sense of being familiar to the 20th/21st century. That’s one big thing I’m not a huge fan of in the New EU.

Scientists are cool, but they should be Galileo or Tycho Brahe types, not Michio Kaku types. Schools are cool, but they should be more like ancient academies or tutors, not like the formal Prussian education system. Diners/restaurants are cool, but they should look more like medieval taverns than a 50s diner.

What we see in the OT isn’t that the galaxy is anything like our society. It’s a lot more like pre-industrial societies, culturally and economically, but with sci-fi technology. Like if you gave Rome or Medieval Japan spaceships and advanced medicine.