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The Last Jedi: Stoic Edition (WIP)
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14-Jul-2021, 8:11 AM

SparkySywer said:

TestingOutTheTest said:

@Sparky Ah, yes, suggestions for helping achieve OP’s intention while also making sure he knows what he’s already changing is inherently wrong.

You’re arguing against the fundamental ideas of OP’s fanedit. 9 times out of 10, or probably more, you just disagree with the fanedit on a conceptual level. That’s fine. The fanedit is just not for you. OP understands what he’s changing fine. You often act like you have the supreme understanding of the ST, but you’re just one person with one particular subjective interpretation of these movies.

The best thing that could possibly happen (from your perspective) is you end up hijacking their creative project. In all likelihood, you’re just gonna end up arguing for the sake of arguing.

If you truly want to give suggestions for helping OP achieve their intention, give constructive criticism on the execution of their ideas. You often give destructive criticism of their creative purpose.

I’m probably contributing to the problem by feeding it and adding more off-topic comments to this post, though.

  1. That’s the point! You guys defend the ST all the time. Why can’t I?

  2. The edits I addressed remove some of the best things about TLJ, make them less meaningful, take away oomph and pointlessly add stuff that was cut out for a reason.