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Your ideal Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
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13-Jul-2021, 8:30 PM

Cadavra said:

This would allow us to spend time with the heroes at peace and show a glimpse of the free galaxy they fought for in the OT.

Just seeing this thread now. This made me realise that one of the most major flaws of the sequels right from the off was not showing us the good to come out of the new republic before everything goes to shit. Plunging us right into pretty much the same dire situation we were presented with in ANH can create a sense that the original trilogy’s fight didn’t matter as much. A key advantage of the rewrite, and something that can differentiate the sequels from the OT, is that we watch the situation unfold.

Love the titles, by the way!

fmalover said:

Poe, Finn and Chewie arrive on Coruscant to present irrefutable evidence of the IR’s growing threat over the past three decades before the Senate, and suddenly the Imperial Remnant launches a surprise attack and Kylo, alongside two other Knights, personally takes Leia hostage. Upon sensing Leia’s Force potential, Kylo is puzzled about a Force wielder such as Leia not using her position to exert greater control upon the population through the Force, to which Leia responds that giving up such power is the true meaning of strength.

I really like this debate about the use of power and the contrast in ideologies. I also really like that Coruscant is back in this version.

I like the touch of Lando using his past connections to help the New Republic, and I’m glad he appears in ep 8 instead of 9.

Also really like Kylo maybe revisiting locations from the OT, like the cave on dagobah. It’s fanservice perhaps, but like how fanservice was used in TLJ (Leia hologram, yoda’s appearance) it also serves an important story purpose.

fmalover said:

Rey has been training under Luke, however unbeknownst to Luke, her fateful encounter with Kylo Ren has created an unusual Force bond between her and Kylo in which Rey represents embodies the light with a touch of darkness, and Kylo the dark with a touch of light.

This is a tricky one: I wonder if it’s possible to have a more meaningful explanation for this force bond/dyad than just ‘it happens, but it’s unusual’. TROS barely has an explanation, but at least there Rey is palpatine’s ‘granddaughter’ so it’s the grandchildren of vader and palpatine being connected in a sense. Maybe, like so many things that happen because of the force - such as force ghosts - it simply can’t be explained and is there because the story needs it. I must say I’m really interested in the plot point of Rey accidentally finding out about the planned attack because of the force bond.