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Official Jacob's Ladder UNCUT Fan Edit Thread (a WIP)
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11-Jul-2021, 9:47 PM

Jacob and friends… I’m so embarrassed I have dropped the ball on this. I began my first year of law school and as one would expect it took priority.

I successfully cropped and upscaled the deleted scenes (doing some careful comparisons between AE’s Detail-Preserving upscale and Topaz’s offering)… but the real hurdle here is the sound. The sound on the deleted scenes is a dirty, hissy mono. I cleaned up quite a bit of the hiss, and I could just use those tracks as they are, but my stupid ambitious mind went “I’ve got some extensive SFX libraries… what if I built a reasonable sounding 5.1 mix for these scenes, so that they would fit well into the rest of the film’s audio?”

Which of course adds a whole layer of work, which maybe I’m not in a great position to do.

So I’ve decided to just insert the scenes as they are, upscaled and cleaned up, but with mono sound (in a stereo mix.) This will at least allow us to view the film with the scenes intact, and then perhaps someone can take up the mantle of recreating a proper 5.1 mix for the new fanedit.

Will keep you posted.

~ Peter