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8-Jul-2021, 11:48 AM
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I hope that the new Obi-Wan series can build up more of the mythology of how the Tatooine slave Anakin Skywalker became a renowned Jedi Knight. All that stuff Rey said about Luke Skywalker being a myth should have been applied to Anakin instead.

Lucas really should have followed through on Anakin’s premonition that he dreamed he was a Jedi and freed all of the slaves of Tatooine. His status as a slave child turned champion of oppressed makes him a fast legend amongst the galaxy. He later begins to sense his mother is suffering, previously thinking she was safe now being the wife of a moisture farmer.

Despite protests from Obi-Wan not to be distracted with such feelings, Anakin personally reaches out to find out what’s wrong. He learns that she was kidnapped by Tusken Raiders and dies before he can save her.

This fills Anakin, for the first time, with GREAT VENGEANCE AND FURIOUS ANGER as he lets the Sand People know his name is THE LORD when he LAYS HIS VENGEANCE UPON YE! He later suffers guilt when he realizes that had he not freed the slaves, perhaps his mother would not be dead now.

And THAT is your true path to The Dark Side.

Now if I could just easily justify how Leia leapt at the mention of “Ben Kenobi,” not the “General Obi-Wan Kenobi” she addressed in her message.