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Inferno (Dario Argento, 1980) – 35mm Scan opportunity (WIP) - Help Wanted
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8-Jul-2021, 7:37 AM

LucasGodzilla said:

Just wanted to inform everyone that I’ve been able to have a peek at the scan preview.

The colors look quite nicely recovered (apparently the print was originally red), though unfortunately, the 4-track mix is not capturable as the scanner sold off the necessary equipment to do so some time ago much to my dismay. Thankfully the mono optical is still a step up from the blu-rays though it could use a bit of cleaning. The print is also the director’s cut it seems, so although that alternate cut is lost to history, at least it means this’ll be a more complete Argento experience.

I would like to note though that I still require $225 to cover the rest of the scan though so any donations would be greatly appreciated to help me complete this preservation endeavor.

Looks great!
Damn shame about the 4 track mix. Out of curiosity would it be possible to send it to another scanner and have the audio captured, possibly for a lot cheaper since the video has already been scanned?