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7-Jul-2021, 2:08 AM

G&G-Fan said:

Darth_Zounds said:

When Luke introduces himself to the droids in ANH, he should call himself Luke Lars.

When Obi-Wan tells Luke about his father, he should spell out his father’s name was Anakin Skywalker and thus his name is actually Luke Skywalker.

Ok but how is that terrible? It’d help explain why he was never a target for the Empire or Darth Vader.

It’s a bad idea because it has the subtlety of a sledgehammer, and because Luke Lars is a stupid enough sounding name that attention should not be directed toward it.

Is this just a thread for “Edit ideas that acknowledge the prequels” (even though this wouldn’t even be exclusively dealing with the prequels)?

Why does everything have to be about this weird persecution complex prequel fans have? Literally none of this has to do with the prequels, you even say that. Where you drew the connection is honestly beyond me.