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The Hobbit (M4 Book Edit) (Released)
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26-Jun-2021, 12:57 AM
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26-Jun-2021, 12:58 AM
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No problem! This is fine to talk about here, there aren’t many Hobbit threads plus it relates to mine.

In my edit, from what I remember I changed 3 subtitles:

The first two were shots which already had subtitles so I had to crop them out. I upscaled the scene by the absolute minimum I had to in order to get the old subtitle off the screen. This involves moving the location of the shot (you slide it down a little bit, so only the bottom part is cut off, and upscale to remove any black spaces). Once upscaled, I tidied up the shot to make sure it still looked good by using a sharpen effect. They were only like 3 seconds long so really quick, if you handle your source files well and export at a good bitrate an audience won’t ever be able to tell that the picture quality is slightly different in a few quick shots (because of the upscale, it can reduce quality slightly), but if you do it all the time or have really detailed shots that last a long time they may start to notice. I can’t even notice myself and I made the edits lol, so don’t worry too much about quality as long as you do your best.

The other time I simply used a new shot without a subtitle and added a fresh subtitle on top so no upscaling required. It was a shot of the Orcs marching and I added Azog yelling during it, and then I could write whatever I wanted. This option is much better but can only be used in rare situations if you get lucky.

I don’t recommend redubbing entire scenes though it can get messy with the blocking if you upscale, so I tried to do it only when I had to. Also, the font is ITC Weidemann Medium and depending on which film it’s either white or greyish, then just add a slight bottom right black shadow with like 80% opacity, example