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Is anyone looking forward to Lord of the Rings Deleted scenes next year?
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24-Jun-2021, 1:47 AM

Baggins said:

So, do I understand good, that this year will be a lotr triology with deleted scenes? If yes, I am looking forward to see it. And I have another question, do you not know if they will make the hobbit triology with deleted scenes?

Apparently although it’s a bit confusing Jackson plans to do a documentry similar to how he did for the King Kong release but for each Lord of the rings film…Or perhaps it will be for the whole trilogy?

I’m hoping for some / all deleted scenes in there especially the lord of the rings.

I don’t know if he is planning to do the same for the hobbit?

Nothing concrete but it’s been teased. I would imagine Peter has daileys of stuff on DVD burnt off and Weta have fx shots stored and stuff.

Well heres hoping I’m holding out for the new bonus features as they are fantastic films. Should be something announced soon.