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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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23-Jun-2021, 4:41 PM
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sherlockpotter said:

If memory serves, Sade did put together a version that ended with the “You are nothing” line; but exactly as Burbin said, we felt that the pacing and flow of the dialogue was best with this version.

To be fair, Sade also said in that same conversation that “I am a Jedi” wouldn’t feel climactic and that it probably couldn’t work believably. And the main criticism people had of his mock-up of “nothing” was that it didn’t work well in the specific shot he moved the line, which I agree with and am not necessarily proposing, and that there was too much dead air at the beginning of the scene without its original placement (which might be fixable, but maybe not).

sherlockpotter said:

And I also agree with Burbin that it’s kind of fun, looking at the whole trilogy, to say “You’re just a scavenger.” “Not anymore, bitch. Now I’m a Jedi!”

If he were actually saying “you’re just a scavenger” I’d agree, but the way he says it is “a scavenger girl is no match for the power in me.” That statement is more of a declaration rather than directly addressing Rey in conversation, and Rey’s response doesn’t address him directly either (as “Not anymore, bitch” would, lol). I just think that if I saw that ordering in the theater, I would think they accidentally cut a sentence out of the middle of the conversation.

As for her saying “No…,” I think following up “scavenger” or “nothing” with Rey saying “And…” doesn’t really make sense, because it means she’s not actually rejecting either of those things. If the final Palpatine line isn’t “sith,” something needs to be done about “And…,” whether it’s “No…” or something else.