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Jar Jar Bricks
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The Last Jedi Expanded Edition by Jason Fry: The "Tragedy of Vader" Edit (v1 AVAILABLE)
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11-Jun-2021, 10:24 PM
  1. Snoke can be intimidating without compromising Hux’s motivations. Especially since there is an entirely new scene between the two of them that takes place on the Supremacy, I feel like the theatrical scene is kinda pointless here.

  2. Thank you. Will correct that.

  3. Except Luke put literally everything on the line to save his father in the OT. I think he would have the maturity at this stage in his life to be able to understand the difference between the Jedi and his father as an individual. He would see it as the Jedi organization that failed Anakin (which isn’t too far from the truth). He says as much by later claiming that the Jedi were responsible for the creation of Darth Vader.

  4. I can see the symbolism there of course, but even the novelization plays the scene up as a joke. “Then Luke tossed the lightsaber off the cliff.” That could easily show up under the definition of deadpan humor. Sure, I could rewrite it to sound less comedic, but there is also symbolism in what I rewrote it as. Luke shoves the lightsaber right back into her hand, basically saying “that legend you see me as is only real in your head.”