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Cameron Samurai
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Batman: The Killing Joke-The DCAU Cut (WIP)
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9-Jun-2021, 4:55 AM
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CourtlyHades296 said:

In DCAU canon, Batgirl never gets crippled (as Batman Beyond shows Commissioner Barbara walking without a wheelchair).

I figured someone would bring that up, might as well be an oppertune time to say I haven’t considered Batman Beyond canon since the end of JLU, my headcanon is that future was altered when John Stewart rejected Hawkgirl and chose Vixen. That, plus Bruce had advance foreknowledge of that future also so he’d have changed a few things about himself.

I find Tom King’s recent Batman/Catwoman book, which is itself a sequel to Mask of the Phantasm but has an alternate future involving Helena Wayne, a big help in this regard.

Hell, even if you want to consider this ‘pure’ DCAU, it doesn’t necessarily contradict Batman Beyond if you don’t want it to, because Barbara ends up walking again in the main DC comics anyway