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a new hope, adding visual effects, emotion and more character (a WIP)
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8-Jun-2021, 3:52 PM

I have to be honest I’m not feeling a sense of reward working on this like i did with captain marvel.
I don’t know if it’s a case of motivation or inspiration or something else. I think it’s best for me to stop working on this until I feel excited by it.

I’ve edited up until Luke’s first appearance and I’ve removed 5 minutes of footage. I’ve removed what I feel is unnecessary fluff shots such as excess gunfire, running, jawas doing busywork, etc. I’ve cut what I felt was droning and unnecessary exposition that doesn’t really add anything. I’ve done various things with the darth vader scenes, such as reframing shots, tilting the frame, playing with the speed, warping the image.

I’ve rendered these 12 minutes and if anyone is interested in this then I can share it via google drive. it’s too large to go on vimeo and I think it’s too long to qualify as being okay to post in the forums.