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Cameron Samurai
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Batman: The Killing Joke-The DCAU Cut (WIP)
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7-Jun-2021, 11:45 AM

…Or The Kitty Kitty cut if you prefer.

Yes, this is a bit of a different type of Killing Joke edit…I’m merging it with a small percentage of the Catwoman romance from Batman: Hush to replace the entirety of the Batgirl sub-plot from the original.

Here’s the timeline

-Bruce talks with Nightwing and meets Selina and Thomas Elliot at the party

-Battle with Bane. We cut the beginning of Bruce’s investigation into Ivy as she’s not in the cut

-Bruce and Selina attend the opera. Harley Quinn attacks, Thomas is killed by A ‘Joker’ (who pleads innocence) who Batman almost kills, but is ultimately incarcerated. This Joker indeed turns out to be an imposter (Killing Joke) and doesn’t desire another Bat-beating

-Killing Joke plays out as normal

-After the Joker’s song and dance number, we find Bruce and Dick in the Batcave, Selina calls Bruce

-Bruce rendevouz with the cops and aqquires the final clue to Joker’s lair. Remainder of Killing Joke plays out

-New mid-credits scene is Bruce and Selina sleeping together.

As a bonus, I’m also putting together a two-part 20 to 25 minute version complete with the intro and outro of Batman: The Animated Series. The TV cuts will have a few things omitted that you can find in the feature version.