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Cameron Samurai
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Superman: TAS: Public Enemies [WIP]
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6-Jun-2021, 3:03 PM

Recently, the fan editor whose Brainiac Attacks edit inspired my own put out an extended edit of the Superman TAS episode “Little Girl Lost”, which featured a few minutes or so of footage from the animated movie “Superman/Batman: Apokolips” chronicling Kara’s arrival, reaction and adaption to Earth.

Now, obviously the animation and voice actors for these sequences were notably different…but it actually worked seamlessly with the narrative, so I figure, if it doesn’t intrude on the established story all that much, should sequences like that be integrated?

I have given strong consideration to structuring “Public Enemies” as a Superman TAS episode, it helps because the voice actors for the DCAU lend their talents to the film, and with a few trims here and there, you can make it ‘fit’.

It helps that there’s virtually no mention of Clark and Power Girls’ relationship to one another, probably this was done to make the film more ‘accessible’, I mean, you could easily mistake her for Kara with a different haircut or just a generic heavy of Lex that acts as Bruce and Clark’s ‘mole’.

All references to Hiro being the Toyman have been cut.

Currently the idea is that the story opens with Lex’s inauguration where he introduces Power Girl as part of her team, so it’s established who she is, then we see the team try to recruit Superman, who refuses. In this cut, Lex takes Superman’s refusal and connects it to the “irrationality” brought on by the radiation of the Kryptonite meteor, and then places the bounty on his head. There is no murder of John Corbin (Metallo), but it still means Superman is a wanted man. The remainder of the cut is the last 20 or so minutes where it becomes a race against time to infiltrate Luthor’s stronghold, get the info, and stop the meteor, with Luthor getting in the way.