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Help: looking for... The Muppet Show: Watermarkless content
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5-Jun-2021, 5:25 PM

BestArchivist15 said:

I am also wondering if anyone would happen to have a watermarkless version of the episode guest starring Chris Langham from Season 5.

Disney have pulled the episode because Langham is a convicted sex offender who was incarcerated for downloading and watching clips on multiple computers of little girls being raped. You want to preserve and share a pulled TV episode featuring a guest appearance of this man? Do you really not see that this is wrong?

I’m not sure what’s worse: the intent - or the justifications and mental gymnastics (probably whatabouttery citing Polanski) that are bound to ensue.

Mods: if you temp-ban me, fine - but this is messed up on so many levels.