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Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her. (COMPLETED)
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2-Jun-2021, 7:02 AM

vmw40 said:

It catches my attention, would you pass the link to me through PM, please 😃

sure thing, please send me a pm request 😃

spottacus said:

This is a huge improvement to a poor movie written by committee. The changes were great. Only tiny bit of criticism is when the line ‘human male’ gets truncated, it’s a bit of a sharp cutoff. Otherwise great work!

thank you! ^^

yes, I struggled with that edit a little. I found it very difficult to make it seamless, so I wanted to leave it as it was in the original but a lot of my test viewers really wanted that bit amended. I totally understand why. I tend to vie for seamless cuts though so it bothered me.
I mean, I think I did pretty well with it, as I used a pitch corrector to change his inflection as much as I could. I guess if it’s really noticeable and if I need to work at it some more, I could take that clip into audacity and bash it about a bit more. ( i used resolve’s standard pitch correction)