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Info: Digital Changes that were made to The Evil Dead (1981)
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31-May-2021, 10:59 PM
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Except for the ones that can be reverted through color correction and other minor things like shots being stabilized, this is a list of the digital changes that were made to the Blu-ray release(s) for The Evil Dead

00:03:05:10 to 00:03:08:18 - Rob Tapert standing in the background from the bridge is removed

00:06:07:20 to 00:06:25:12 - A cameraman’s reflection in the window is removed

00:34:13:11 to 00:34:25.17 - The lights flashing in the background are removed

00:36:47:10 to 00:36:54:02 - Two close-up shots of Linda screaming are flipped

00:52:19:09 to 00:52:24:22 - A line of hair visible in the shot is removed

01:05:05:09 to 01:05:19:06 - Four shots containing lens flares are painted out including one with dirt being cleaned up

01:16:12:09 to 01:16:21:15 - A jump cut of Ash, while he’s moving the dresser to the door, is smoothed with a fade

Taking all this into account, what are some of the audio changes that were made to the original soundtrack for the Blu-ray?