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Cameron Samurai
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Superman The Animated Series: Risk and Revelation [Brainiac Attacks Edit] (Released)
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30-May-2021, 9:20 AM
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30-May-2021, 9:30 AM
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Cameron Samurai
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Some updates

-The original version recieved feedback from both musiced of and Fanedit895 (not 796, my mistake) himself, both were very encouraging, they gave me a few points on how to best approach it. As a result, a great deal of it has changed and it is now much more ‘conclusive’ than my original attempt was. Superman gets a win over Brainiac in the new cut, where as before he got beaten up twice pretty soundly with no real resolution. This was because I intended to do a follow-up episode but when I watched the movie once again for footage I found the continuity a little too problematic to work around in order to pull that off convincingly.

Feronstost, if you’re looking for the other version, I’ll link you to it