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Are the JSC LD's the TRUE Releases of the Theatrical Version(s)?
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29-May-2021, 3:35 AM

yotsuya said:

We also have something intriguing in two other sources. We have the bootleg widescreen that Moth3r shared with us and the English 16 mm print that Puggo captured and shared as Puggo Grand. These two prints are unlike any others. They have the original crawl, a completely different end credits, and those same 3 shots found in the JSC. Also, both Moth3r’s bootleg and Puggo Grand are mono, but it isn’t the mono mix, it is a mixdown of the stereo track.

To be precise, Puggo Grande does have the mono mix, but the audio was taken from Jaxxon’s Swedish subtitled 16mm print. Puggo released a capture of the Swedish print as Stjärnornas Krig