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Anakin Starkiller
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Worst Edit Ideas
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29-May-2021, 3:24 AM

Replace the entire films with recordings of themselves someone took on their phone from the couch 5 m from the screen (shot vertically, of course).

Darth_Zounds said:

For a while, I’ve been on the fence about saying this, but to heck with it.

During the scene where Padme reveals to Anakin that she’s preggers, intercut a short flashback of them doing the devil’s tango.

You jest but I legit have clip someone made here on the forum of a scene of them going at it in the Naboo villa in AotC. Of course it isn’t explicit or anything but you can tell what they’re doing.

Find YouTube Poops of every single scene in the saga and edit them all together in order into one single eighteen hour insanity cut.

No, silly, you’re supposed to play all nine films at once.

Change Palpatine’s scream while falling down the DSII spire to “Noooo!!”

Try “I’ll be back.”

Aunt Beru puts tiny CGI creatures in the food processor rather than vegetables.

Okay this one is golden. Tbh, it sounds like something that could legit happen in the prequels. In fact, if someone were to put together such a clip, I think I would include it in my edit of ANH.

This is one of those great worst ideas that if you told me straight-faced it was in one of the different Special Editions, I’d probably briefly believe it.

Well there we go, like I said, it sounds like something that could legit be in there.