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Anakin Starkiller
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The Original Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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29-May-2021, 3:09 AM
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Anakin Starkiller
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CaptainFaraday said:

ANH has a lot of “show, don’t tell” problems in regards to Luke’s piloting ability up until the trench run. I’m surprised nobody’s rendered a short sequence of the T16 Skyhopper zooming around Beggar’s Canyon to insert immediately before the theatrical introduction to Luke.

You’re not the first one to suggest this. The mockup here is to brief, but it could give you guys some ideas.

Nowadays if you released ANH a lot of crusty nerds would complain up and down about his piloting ability coming out of nowhere. But the truth is sometimes those details don’t need to be explained in exhausting detail. People can roll with a lot if a film is easy and breezy.

Technically not the same film, but pretty close.