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George Lucas's Sequel Trilogy
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I shared it on another thread but I’ll share it here too as it feels a bit more relevant.

George had more to say in Paul Duncan’s Prequels book about his planned Sequels.

For Anakin’s origins:

“The midi-chlorians started the birth process in Anakin’s mother. The Whills communicated the command to the midi-chlorians, which activated the DNA that germinated the egg. That’s why Anakin doesn’t have a father. He was in a bizarre and metaphorical way touched by God, but in this case they happened to be one-celled animals.”

For Sifo-Dyas and the Clone Army:

He said that Sifo-Dyas was Palpatine’s apprentice before Darth Maul and he ordered the Clone Army while pretending to still be a Jedi the entire time. It explains so much honestly and adds another layer to his relationship with Count Dooku. I like the idea of them both being tools to Palpatine’s plan to see who is more worthy of leading the Separatist Movement while also being deceived into doing the dirty work.

It’s interesting as well because he remarked in the commentary of Attack of the Clones that the Clone War is very, very important to the whole epic. I always felt Dave Filoni was hinting at there being more to the story during this retrospect for The Lost Missions too.

I like how the previous trilogies would’ve connected in his Sequels to create as cohesive as possible nine part epic. That’s something I find is very lacking in the Sequels we got.