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Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - The No Naboo Cut (Released)
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25-May-2021, 2:19 PM

poorandin said:

arabian said:

Sigh. I really wanted this to work for me, but watching this it just doesn’t. At least not for me.

Sorry you didn’t enjoy it Arbian. Thank you for taking the time to watch it and leave your thoughts. I appreciate it.

You’re welcome. And, you know, I probably wasn’t the best audience for this, LOL! I’m one of the very few who unapologetically loves AotC. I think it’s the underrated gem of the SW universe. It’s (gasp!) my favorite film of the PT and my 5th favorite SW film. (I KNOW!) So, yeah. Others will probably enjoy this in a way that I never could. 😃 Again, the editing is really good!!