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The Clone Wars: Refocused [89%] - Released up to S05E01 (Martez Sisters)
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24-May-2021, 3:09 PM
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24-May-2021, 3:43 PM
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Dissent on Umbara (s03e03), aggregating the whole Umbara arc, clocking in at 52:07, is nearly finished.

While I cut a lot, I feel like I haven’t really changed the plot at all, as this one contained a lot of redundancy or filler. I don’t think you’d miss the excised half hour at all.

Key edits:

  • Throughout, I trimmed most of Krell’s hatred of Clones, making it seem (at least early on) more like he’s just a hardliner with extreme tactics.
  • I massively trimmed the combat-heavy opening where Anakin’s leading the clones. Instead we get one scene of Anakin, Rex and Dogma, before Krell arrives to take over. Now the majority of the plot happens around the airbase.
  • To streamline the early plot, I removed almost all fauna combat and almost all combat against Umbaran military hardware from the first couple of episodes. Also to streamline things, I only had Krell send the clones on one suicide mission (versus the walker tanks) rather than also in a straight line against the capital. You get all the key story beats this way, just in about a quarter of the time.
  • I trimmed a little of the infiltration of the airbase as well as some of the surrounding combat and discussion.
  • After the clones take the airbase, I trimmed some of the discussion there, most notably removing the scene where they test and crash the aircraft, because it doesn’t change the status quo.
  • In the final episode, I preserved the majority of it, mainly just cutting down the hunt for Krell in the forest to remove his evil villain speech and to speed up his capture, while preserving a lot of his physical threat. I also slightly trimmed his jail dialogue to imply he’s already a Separatist rather than just doing this all on the hope he’ll get recognised.