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Disney+ streaming platform : Star Wars content & various other info
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24-May-2021, 3:44 AM

I saw a post though somewhat off topic but someone saying something about a new color grading of TROS on D+ and I thought ok Im sure, but turns out to be right. Could this be a new 4k master coming eventually is physical? Kinda a similar situation with TLJ getting a imo “so call new 4k transfer” which let me explain. Rise Of Skywalker and TLJ 4k’s are the only one that haven’t had the black boarders cover art change as of yet at least in the US, though the slipcover for TLJ has that new cover. Also the Dolby Vison 4k is still available in those edition where the best buy boxset is updated with the just the HDR transfer for TLJ. Is Disney gonna more then likely use TROS new transfer to be release with that? Just a thought that came to mind when thinking about this news. I haven’t sat down to watch this update change but I might, I can’t really judge yet. What do you think and have you seen or notice it beforehand?