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Rangers Of The New Republic (live action series) - a general discussion thread
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24-May-2021, 2:00 AM
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24-May-2021, 2:36 AM
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Does anyone actually read these? I’ll actually send you $20 if you see this. Offer expires May 24, 2022 though because I’m afraid that someone will read this in like 2037 and I won’t be able to fulfill my promise.

MalaStrana#2 said:

jedi_bendu said:

I think it was more a publicity thing they deemed necessary because Carano was controversial.

Yeah: when you don’t think like Disney and all mainstream corporations tell you to, you become controversial. That’s also what Star Wars was about back in the 70s.

When Star Wars becomes the all powerful Empire, fans should stop defending it… (imho, of course)

Well, also when you say transphobic stuff when the lead actor has a trans sister, said lead actor might not want to continue being your coworker.

OutboundFlight said:

Anakin Starkiller said:

It’s not officially cancelled yet, and will maybe still continue, but to me this implies that Rangers was going to heavily feature Cara Dune and that’s now been quietly thrown out of the window. It’s a shame if it really is cancelled - I was hoping the series could replace Cara (if it was ever going to feature her) with a character like Hera Syndulla.

I think it was pretty petty to fire Carano in the first place. This is why I hate Twitter.

I also hope Rangers isn’t canceled from just Carano. There’s so much potential I’d much prefer the show to star original characters and flesh out their original stories. Include a few recognizable characters like the X-Wing Pilot from Mando, but put most of the focus on new faces.

I agree. They clearly had some story plan that I bet could be carried over to another character. Schmara Dune, Cara Dune’s twin sister.