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Rangers Of The New Republic (live action series) - a general discussion thread
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22-May-2021, 6:44 PM

Anakin Starkiller said:

It’s not officially cancelled yet, and will maybe still continue, but to me this implies that Rangers was going to heavily feature Cara Dune and that’s now been quietly thrown out of the window. It’s a shame if it really is cancelled - I was hoping the series could replace Cara (if it was ever going to feature her) with a character like Hera Syndulla.

I think it was pretty petty to fire Carano in the first place. This is why I hate Twitter.

Eh, I think it’s debatable that pettiness came into it, I think it was more a publicity thing they deemed necessary because Carano was controversial. But the Mandalorian thread rightfully got locked because of this, so I reckon we shouldn’t get into it.

What’s done is done and certainly the news that Rangers isn’t in active development should shut up the people who thought Gina Carano was getting rehired any day now.