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Knight of Kalee
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Rangers Of The New Republic (live action series) - a general discussion thread
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22-May-2021, 12:23 PM

jedi_bendu said:

Mostly, I just want to avoid all these bloody Mando tie-in shows. Disney’s story planning has gotten very reactionary and because The Mandalorian is popular, they started a bunch of similar projects in the same time period. Even The Bad Batch is following some of its story beats. I just wanted Rangers to be much more free of the need for interconnectivity. If it was going to be a Cara Dune story simply to capitalise on the success of The Mandalorian, I’m not bothered if it’s cancelled. If it could be a show more free of expectations, full of New Republic worldbuilding, an introduction to original characters or a much-needed continuation to the stories of Hera, Jacen Syndulla, or Zeb and Kallus from Rebels… I’d love it to continue production.

So true. Arguably the one known character who should have a recurring role should be Paul Sun-Hyung Lee’s pilot. Maybe the different series could use a Coulson-like character to add up interconnectivity in small doses but it’s time to let each storyline breath.