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20-May-2021, 8:18 PM

Anakin Starkiller said:

-The biggest flaw of the PT is not the acting, the dialogue, the CGI, the writing, or the overall story. It’s the small inconsistencies with the OT that accumulates throughout the movies.

Imo, retcons should be encouraged when they make for a better scene. I’d much rather cut the lines about Leia’s mother in RotJ than have Padme awkwardly survive RotS. I’d rather change the line about Obi-Wan’s teacher in ESB than erase Qui-Gon from TPM. The priority to me is that final product is cohesive, and if that means going back to change older bits to match I’m all for it.

That makes sense but as you say the final product has to be cohesive, and I feel it isn’t sometimes. And since the PT was made after the OT, it was its job to connect the dots. Even if I agree it would be easier to just change the lines in the OT.

About the Padmé one, I agree that it makes more sense for her to die at the end of ROTS. But I think it’s a shame that during the course of the OT, the only mention we get about this major character from the PT turns out to be retconned and lose the weight it could have had when watching 1 through 6.

And like I said in my earlier post, other ones are just frustrating because they could easily be fixed by a couple of lines in the PT itself. A line about Anakin’s lightsaber for his son, some lines about Anakin and Owen’s differences, etc… These are not necessarily things that were retconned in the PT, but simply things not adressed, that I think created inconsitencies.