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The Mandalorian Episode 2: Search for the Jedi (Released - RT 2h 29mins)
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17-May-2021, 2:18 PM

arabian said:

Just curious… since Fennec and Peli weren’t included in Vergence in the Force, how do you introduce them in this? And since you’ve cut the whole prisoner thing with Mayfield, so do we just not get the whole Mando taking off his helmet thing?

Really looking forward to this!

Pelli and Fennec are introduced as per the series. I will be going back and making a second version of Episode 1 that replaces Sorgen with Tatooine. I initially made a version that cut references to past meetings, but with Fennec being in Book of Boba, it’s a no brainier to go back and put the Tatooine scenes into episode 1.

Yes, Mando removing his helmet is cut, which is a shame, but it does make the final scene even more impactful.