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The Clone Wars: Refocused [89%] - Released up to S05E01 (Martez Sisters)
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16-May-2021, 1:04 PM

Thanks Solemn, that’s great to hear. I’ll add in a little more about those bomb droids then, for sure.

For Padmé, getting her on the street without a lot more content needing to be included was tricky, since originally she was with Onaconda talking to another senator at the senator’s house. The problem with reinserting that is that she leaves Ono in very good spirits, which means I wouldn’t be able to use the reflections on all the bad stuff around her while she’s wandering. I tried to hint at it in the scene just before she sees that Ono’s been injured, by adding a line “I’ll check around the other senators” or similar, but it seems like that’s not quite filled the gap for you.

I’m not sure what other options I have here, so I’m open to ideas…