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I Am Not Okay With This - The Movie (Released)
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14-May-2021, 7:40 AM

So, after the news that I Am Not Okay With This was canceled by Netflix, I decided to make a simple edit of the first (and now only) season of a series that had great potential, but it was axed way to early.

This edit turns the 160 minutes of the season into a standalone film with the running time a little over 1 hour and 40 minutes (inspired by some 80s movies, like The Breakfast Club, Carrie, Pretty in Pink etc, to fit the overall aesthetic of the show)

I removed some superfluous bits and the stalker plot, 'cause since the show was cancelled, that plot feels like a loose end, so I edited those scenes out to give a more conclusive ending - as far as I could - for the series, even though the ending scene feels somewhat abrupt, but again, that was the same way that the original comic book ended too.

Any feedback is welcome!