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13-May-2021, 2:10 PM

All that talk about Hayden, I forgot to mention the actual last movie I saw! I watched Maze Runner: The Death Cure the other day. A friend and I had decided on a whim to watch the three Maze Runner movies, knowing nothing about that going in, and I have to say I was shocked at how good they were. When I think of post Harry Potter/post Hunger Games YA adaptations I tend to assume they’re cash ins by movie studios who know they can scrimp on budget and quality since they have a built on audience from the books. But I was really pleasantly surprised by Maze Runners! The design on the maze monsters and the pseudo zombies were both cool as hell and a lot scarier than I thought they’d be willing to go in YA. Main character was a bit of a drip, got that boring protagonist syndrome, but everybody else was interesting. When Giancarlo Esposito is in your movie or show, you know you’re having a good time. Was also very excited as an Alita Battle Angel fan to see Rosa Salazar show up in the series.