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13-May-2021, 1:59 PM

manwithblaster said:

The last movie I watched was Jumper (2008). I mostly watched it because I wanted to see some movies with Hayden Christensen and it’s one of his better known ones. I actually liked it a lot better than I thought I would and I was surprised to see Samuel L. Jackson in it too.

During this last year in quarantine, I decided to watch all of Hayden’s movies. Very interesting journey seeing his rapid rise and just as a rapid fall from prominence. Jumper is definitely one of the better ones. A little longer than it needed to be, but nothing a motivated fan editor couldn’t fix. I often wonder if he and Samuel L Jackson got along, if they reminisced about their time together on Star Wars.

I’ll also say my other other take away from Haydenfest, as I called it, is that our boy is on the rise again! It’s a little funny (naked brag alert), but when I finished his films I said he was on the rise and predicted he would be working on bigger projects soon and then within a week, it was announced he would be on Kenobi.

If anyone is interested in seeing more Hayden, I definitely recommend his 3 most recent. Little Italy is a soft little rom-com directed by Don Petrie, who directed Mystic Pizza in the 80s. This movie may be set in the same universe and while it’s definitely not as known or beloved as it’s 80s forbearer, I think in many ways it’s the superior film.

First Kill is billed as a thriller starring him and Bruce Willis and well, I’ll be honest that’s some dishonest marketing, Bruce Willis is barely in the film. HOWEVER, it’s one of my favorite Hayden flicks, gripping as hell, sneaks up on you. Hayden’s true co-star, I forget his name, but it’s the guy who played Renly Baratheon on Game of Thrones. He’s excellent in this, well worth checking out.

The Last Man is his most recent film, I’ll be honest, it’s real slow and real weird but features great performances from Hayden and co-star Harvey Keital (random, but related: it’s Harvey Keita’s birthday today!) and if you’re looking for something with a nice dark slow burn, it’s a great watch